2013 - 2014 SD Lions Board of Directors

President - Stan Anker/Rapid City
Vice President - Marie Anne Ben/Vermillion
Treasurer - Richard Waits/Rapid City
Secretary - Robyn Tyler/Sioux Falls

Al Adrian/Sioux Falls
John Daum/Spearfish
Robert Drabek/Rapid City
La Verne Hofer/Beresford
Les Rice/Black Hawk
Julaine Rollman/Rapid City
Kay Thomas/Alexandria
Dennis Van Asch/Milbank
Jerry Voss/Beresford

Get to Know Your Board of Directors

President - Stan Anker/Rapid City
Stan has been a Lion for eight years.
He is an attorney, with a background in accounting. When it’s time to get away, Stan enjoys his annual fly-fishing trip to Montana. He has served as an officer of the District 5SW Cabinet for four years – and is currently serving as such. Stan has also served as an officer of his club and on the club’s Board of Directors for seven years and served as President in 2009-10. Stan has chaired several committees at club level, served on a committee for MD5 and attended the Great Plains Lions Leadership Institute.

One of his greatest accomplishments during his time as a Lion has been; helping the Foundation and the District with changes to the by-laws, which in turn makes them more responsive to the needs of the people being served.

Vice President - Marie Anne Ben/Vermillion
Marie Anne became a Lion in September of 2006.
Her background is in teaching and peer coaching and she recently reconciled finances for her employer totaling over six million dollars. When she’s not busy with work she likes to travel, enjoys gourmet meals, cooking and wine.

Becoming a club member and becoming familiar with and involved in the governmental structure of Lions Club have been important accomplishments for Marie Anne.  

Treasurer - Richard Waits
/Rapid City
Richard has been a part of Lions for six years.
His career has been in the areas of accounting and teaching. He holds a BS in Education, with a major in Social Science and a minor in Accounting. Richard has put his degree to good use, teaching both high school students and adults in the fields of accounting, taxation and leadership. He has been in business for himself for over 25 years.

One of the more important projects that Richard has been a part of was the Rushmore Lions Clubs service project that developed the Rushmore Lions Nature Park in Rapid City.

Secretary - Robyn Tyler/Sioux Falls
Robyn has been a member of the Sioux Falls Siouxrise Lions Club since approximately 1993. Prior to joining Siouxrise Lions she was a member of Lioness clubs in Aberdeen, Huron and Sioux Falls. Robyn has a long family history of dedication to the work of the SD Lions Foundation.
She works as an advanced practice nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist). Her current role is Diabetes Education Coordinator and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Organ Transplant Coordinator, and Hepatitis C Coordinator at the Sioux Fall Veterans Affairs Health Care System.  Robyn feels her work with diabetes and preventing vision loss marries nicely with the vision and mission of the SD Lions Foundation. She also serves on numerous professional committees for several National Certification Bodies, and she is active in the SD Nurses Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

One of her greatest achievements presented itself while she was serving as the District 5SE Diabetes Awareness Chair, she received the honor of being asked by LCIF to present about diabetes at the International Convention in Montreal, Canada in 1996. For this, she received an International President's Certificate of Appreciation.

Al Adrian/Sioux Falls
Al has been a Lion for 27 years and is the past district governor of District 5SE.
He was the facility manager in the Civil Engineering area during his time in the military. His expertise is in the field of construction project management and currently owns his own painting company, specializing in interior painting.

His proudest moment during his time as a Lion, was serving as the district governor during the 2010-2011 year. Other accomplishments that Al takes pride in would be serving on the SDLF Board of Directors for the past six years and getting the Kids.See program going. His crowning proudest moment came after a Sunday morning church service. A mother came to him with her three year old son; she thanked him for taking the time to screen the children at the church’s preschool. She said her son now wears glasses to help correct his “Lazy Eye” condition. In Al’s words, “How good is that?”

John Daum/Spearfish
John has been a Lion for 41years.
He was an educator at the middle school level for 28 years. During that time, he had the opportunity to touch the lives of over 2,000 students. His background is in Social Studies, plus he has a Master’s Degree in American History. John also has a degree in vocal music, which he feels gives him the opportunity to communicate with people in a different way. He explained, “I have been able to touch many people through the messages that music delivers.”

As a Lion, one of his greatest accomplishments was to be elected as an International Director. This gave him the opportunity to share ideas with Lions throughout the World. He has been involved in Lion Foundations in South Dakota and Wyoming. While, Secretary of the USA/Canada Leadership Forum, he had the opportunity to help plan the Forums and be involved at every level of planning.

Robert Drabek/Rapid City

Bob has been a Lion since 1966 – he is part of a Lions dedicated family, which includes his wife Bev, son Gregg, daughter-in-law Ellen, daughter Geri, his granddaughter, his brother Rich, a sister-in-law Joyce, and his mother Velma was also a Lion.
He is a retired educator and businessman. While in business, he served as his community’s Chamber of Commerce Director and President. He has also served in other community organizations including Campfire Girls Council, Boy Scout Council, United Fund Director, Central States Fair Director and Treasurer and several other community groups. Bob is an active member of his church, and has served on many local and state leadership committees.

Bob has had several achievements in his nearly 50 years with the Lions. One of those many achievements was being one of eight Lions worldwide on the first SightFirst International Committee.  On a National level Bob served as General Chairman of the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, during that time he pushed the Planning Committee to complete and adopt the first printed Policy Manual for the Forum. Here at home, Bob is proudest of his involvement in the first written Policy Manual adopted by the South Dakota Lions Foundation. He was instrumental in establishing the Strategic Long Range Planning process and streamlining the board action process.

La Verne Hofer/Beresford

Les Rice
/Black Hawk
Les has been a Lion for six years.
He has retired now, but really enjoyed public speaking, which was a big part of his job – his area of expertise was natural resource management. Les was a big game biologist for the South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Parks.

For Les, his greatest accomplishment was not a personal achievement, but rather a Club achievement. He helped speak out in favor of individual donations, which accumulated over time, and in turn increased the total charitable contributions by the Piedmont Valley Lions Club.

Julaine Rollman
/Rapid City
Julaine has been a Lion since 1978, when she chartered the Lockport Lioness Club in Lockport, IL and served as Charter President.
She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Mental Health Counselor with a MHS, CRC and LMHC from the University of Florida. Julaine is currently working as the vocational rehabilitation counselor for Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired. Her knowledge base is on all disabilities, but she has strengths in the fields of blindness, deafness, deaf-blindness and diabetes. She sees a match of kind in what she does and the services of the Lions.

Her greatest accomplishment is very simple, she strives to serve and help people in need to realize they can do whatever it is they wish to realistically accomplish, no matter their lot in life.

Kay Thomas/Alexandria

Kay began her membership with the Lions in May of 2007 and has served as President of her local Palace City Lions Club.
As an optician, you might say her career and the mission of the Lions are closely intertwined. She has been involved in VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) and has participated in 20 missions to Gómez Palacio Mexico. Kay is a member of South Dakota VOSH and is involved in the sorting and shipping of glasses for the South Dakota missions to Mexico and Jamaica.

One of her proudest moments since becoming a Lion was receiving the Howard Hanson Award at the SD Lions State Convention in 2012. Kay has also received a Melvin Jones Fellow award.

Dennis Van Asch/Millbank
Dennis has been a Lion since 1973, his wife June is a Lioness.

He has farmed and worked in the telephone industry for years, and at one point owned his own telephone business in Aberdeen. He eventually returned to the farm, which is where he and his wife June continue to reside. He has been very active in his state and community through the years; he helped in the preservation of wildlife, taught youth about conservation and hunting safety, and currently serves in his church and township.

While he has served in many roles as a Lion, one that provides him with the personal sense of fulfillment is serving on the Board of Directors for the South Dakota Lions Eye & Tissue Bank. He has received the Melvin Jones Fellow award and is a Certified Guiding Lion.

Jerry Voss/Beresford

Jerry has been a member of the Beresford Lions for 18 years.
After high school he worked a few jobs before being drafted into the Army. Jerry decided to make the Army his career, during which time he was a finance instructor, inspector, recruiter and a First Sergeant. During his service years he was stationed in Texas, Arizona, Indiana, Ohio and Germany.

Jerry has always been a very active member of Lions, he served two terms as President, has been Vice-President, a Board Member, a Membership Chair and a Zone Chairman for two terms. He also stays involved by attending Lion events, such as; fall forums, state and MDS conventions, the Great Plains Leadership Institution 2009 and an International Convention.

Simply put, Jerry loves people and feels he learns from them daily. He truly believes he can make a difference.