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"Making a Difference" Personal Pledge

Al Schock Progressive Fellow
Eye to the Future Legacy Society
Life Program: Memorials & Honorariums
Helen Keller Program

Every pledge large or small helps to continue our work in Specific Assistance Grants, eye glass collection, Kids.See Preschool Vision Screening and other related services and Information and Referral Assistance. Citizens of South Dakota rely on the Lions Foundation and Lions Clubs to help with their hearing and vision needs, a service that we take pride in.

Take the Pledge!

The "Making a Difference" Pledge is a way to give a tax-deductible donation on a monthly basis to help support the many programs and services of the South Dakota Lions Foundation. Through a monthly contribution, individuals are able to demonstrate a commitment to the South Dakota Lions Foundation and to its VISION: "develop and deliver vision and hearing programs and services." Your personal contribution can also be applied toward an Al Schock Fellow (see details below).

Are you ready to make a difference? Donate Now! (indicate in the Donation Notes that your gift is for the Making a Difference Pledge)

Become an Al Schock Fellow

Lion Al served his community and was a friend to people in need. He was a leader, fundraiser and philanthropist, lending his efforts to many causes. He networked with business people and involved them in the work of Lions. He was a mentor to many and insisted on having fun! He served in leadership positions locally and internationally and led a respected organization. His leadership in the Lions of South Dakota Foundation continue to fulfill its mission of assuring a legacy of Vision and Hearing related services to SD citizens.

The Al Schock Fellowship was established in 2011, there are 16 recognition levels, one for each $1,000 donation beyond the initial $1,000 contribution. For each $1,000 contribution, there is a gem added to the pin. Each pin has five gems, there are three levels. Contributions are tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law.

You become an Al Schock Fellow when your "Make a Difference" individual pledge accumulates to reach the first level of giving to $1,000. At that point you will receive a pin and acknowledgment, then begin the 16 levels of recognition.

Are you ready to become an Al Schock Fellow? Donate Now! (indicate in the Donation Notes that your gift is for an Al Schock Fellow)

Keep Your Eye To The Future

The "Eye to the Future Legacy Society" honors individuals who choose to support the South Dakota Lions Foundation through wills and other types of planned giving. In the SDLF Endowment, the principal of the endowment stays untouched while the interest earnings are used to support programs and services such as; the Kids.See Screening Program, the Infant.SEE Program, Individual Assistance Matching Grants and much more.

Each gift is tax deductible as the Foundation, formed in 1964, is a non-profit corporation under Section 501(c) 3 of the IRS Code.

There are numerous types of planned gifts:

• Bequest in a will or trust • As a beneficiary in an insurance policy or retirement plan • A life income agreement • A life estate in property • Remainder interest in real property • Charitable gift annuities • Charitable lead remainder trusts

There are many ways to maximize your gift and make a contribution that will last forever. Professional services are available to you and your tax planners concerning the best plan for your situation. Contact your financial advisor or the South Dakota Lions Foundation office for more information.

Life Program

The Progressive Life Contributor; Memorial and Honorary gift programs go directly to the Endowment. The Endowment assists in supporting our programs such as Screening, Specific Assistance, Reading Programs, Diabetes Awareness, Eye Glass and Hearing Aid Programs, etc. The various gift opportunities offer the Life Program to Lions of all means as the amounts are progressive.

Please consider the following:

• $150 Bronze • $250 Silver • $500 Gold

A certificate and pin acknowledge your generous gift for each level achieved. Your name is permanently placed on a plaque in the Foundation Office.

You can make your Donation Now (indicate in the Donation Notes that your gift is for a Memorial or Honorary gift, and who it is in Memory/Honor of – and from)

Helen Keller Program

Contributors receive a certificate and a pin with the appropriate gen stone. Your name is permanently placed on a plaque in the Foundation Office.

• $1,000 Sapphire • $,2500 Ruby • $5,000 Emerald • $10,000 Diamond • $25,000 Diamond, Diamond • $50,000 Diamond, Diamond, Diamond

You can make your Donation Now (indicate in the Donation Notes that your gift is for the Helen Keller Program)

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