Hearing Services

"Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no little deaf, blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unsided?"
-Helen Keller

Over-the-Ear Hearing Aids
The SD Lions Foundation gratefully accepts donated over-the-ear hearing aids for reconditioning. Based upon need, the SD Lions Foundation directly helps individuals receive hearing exams and reconditioned hearing aids.
Feature Story
 A local Lions Club submitted a request for Specific Assistance to the SD Lions Foundation. Dorothy qualified for assistance and received hearing aids shortly after the request was made. The SD Lions Foundation also partners with local hearing specialists to provide the test, fitting and follow-up care.

South Dakota School for the Deaf


Outreach Department

The South Dakota School for the Deaf Outreach team has been in existence since 1975 serving children across the state of South Dakota. In keeping with the mission of the school, all students with deafness or hearing loss are served by outreach consultants located in five major areas, Aberdeen, Pierre, Rapid City, Vermillion, and Sioux Falls. The Outreach Consultants, by traveling to children and their families, as well as, the local school districts, serve students with hearing loss in all communities. The main mission of the outreach staff is to provide support, information, options, and guidance on the best practices in working with children who have hearing loss.

To school districts, this can mean in-service for children or staff, equipment management, classroom observations, and suggestions to assist children in being successful in the regular education environment, connections to evaluation services, consulting on Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs)/Individual Education Plans (IEPs), 504 plans or a variety of other mutually agreed upon options.

In working with parents, Outreach Consultants use the SKI*HI curriculum which provides a standard approach for parents in learning about options in deafness, as well as, another curriculum, Talk Around the Clock, which is geared toward teaching parents how to work with children who are either hard of hearing or have cochlear implants.

Early interactions and language development are the key to a child’s success in learning and navigating through life. This becomes even more important for all children with hearing loss as they do not incidentally learn language or may miss auditory information. This makes visual teaching of all information, in a hands-on, quiet environment, a priority when typically children would naturally learn the information through hearing. This additional barrier in learning makes parents of children with hearing loss and local schools vital in contributing to a child’s learning and language development which ultimately contributes to the success of the child who has hearing loss.

Referral for Outreach Services

Trained professionals are available to consult with families of hard of hearing/deaf students and school district personnel in your local area. This state service is available at no cost throughout South Dakota. If you are a resident, please call (605) 367-5200, ext 100.

South Dakota School for the Deaf/Audiology Department

The SDSD Audiology Department provides audiological evaluations, for all students, plus all children age birth to twenty-one years in the state of South Dakota whose parents wish to have them tested. In addition, students, staff and parents can request an update of any student’s most recent testing. Testing includes a complete audiological evaluation, assessment of middle ear function, and hearing aid performance and benefit. Test results determine a student’s eligibility for state and federal programs in addition to determining eligibility for SDSD Outreach services.

The Audiology Department also checks functioning and performs minor repairs of personal amplification systems of students at SDSD.  Ear mold services are provided free or at cost to all students of the state, depending on the circumstances of each individual child.
Services Include:

  • Audiological evaluations, including otoacoustic emission (OAE) testing.
  • Hearing aid and cochlear implant performance measures.
  • Assessment of middle ear function
  • Hearing aid and cochlear implant benefit
  • Electroacoustic analysis of hearing aid and auditory trainer
  • Audiological consultations
  • Audiological in-services for staff & interested persons 
  • Make and fit ear molds 

Contact SDSD Audiology at (605) 367-5200, ext 100.

Mobile Hearing Lab

The purpose of the South Dakota School for the Deaf mobile hearing lab and screening equipment is to expand audiology services and educational outreach to all children with hearing loss across the state of South Dakota.

SDSD has a licensed audiologist who performs free diagnostic audiological evaluations for all children ages birth to 21 or graduation, who live in the state of South Dakota. These services can be provided at the SDSD on‐site clinic or can be provided off‐site with the use of the mobile diagnostic hearing lab.

In addition, SDSD can assist in school hearing screenings.