Specific Assistance

Please take a moment to consider the Specific Assistance Grant Program in your community.  If you know of someone who is in need of financial assistance for professional services or specialized equipment, your local Lions Club and the SD Lions Foundation may be able to help.

Your SD Lions Foundation provides grants to Lions Clubs in South Dakota for special projects for individuals to improve or correct vision and hearing problems. This fund pays for services for people the uninsured and for those who do not qualify for government assistance. The Federal Poverty Level guidelines are used to determine eligibility. Individuals requesting assistance must be referred to a local Lions Club.  Only a Club may apply to the SDLF for a Special Assistance Grant.  The Club will verify the financial need and ask the individual to complete the financial application form.

The Foundation receives an additional 50 to 100 requests for help from people who do not meet our eligibility or are in need of services not covered by our mission of vision and hearing. We make every effort to connect people with other helping organizations.

The Specific Assistance Grant Program is funded each year with earnings from an Endowment.  Individuals build the Endowment by becoming Life Contributors, by giving a special contribution, and by joining the “Eye to the Future Legacy Society” program.         

 Please feel free to contact your local Lions Club for more information or to download the application form, please click here.