Ava F. Testimonial

by User Not Found | Mar 01, 2013

Ava F. Testimonial

Parents have sent in thank you notes like in the case of little Ava:

To the SD Lions Foundation and Lions,

We would like to show our appreciation for all the efforts in the detection of our daughter, Ava’s (4), eye disorder, she could have suffered from a lazy eye or even blindness.

It wasn’t until the free screening at the SD State Fair that we were alerted to a problem. Ava was excited to have a picture of her eyes taken with her face painted like a cat. We were glad that a problem was detected before it escalated into something more serious. She now has glasses that she wears on a regular basis along with a patch regiment to allow one eye to become stronger.

Again, we would like to thank the SD Lions Foundation and the Lions for their free screening and help with the steps to take for Ava and her eyesight. We appreciate what you do for children and their eyesight and would encourage other parents to use the free service. Even if you do not believe your child has an issue, get your child’s eyes screened to detect problems in their early stages.

Thank you, Jon and Molly (Ava’s parents)