InfantSEE - Helping Infants Establish a Lifetime of Healthy Vision

Cooing, sitting up and crawling are signs that a baby is growing. Her vision has stages of development, but this process rarely has visible signs.

An eye examination at 6 months of age is recommended to determine healthy development of vision. Certain eye conditions, including lazy eye, muscle imbalances, and some ocular diseases have no symptoms that can be identified by the parent. Early detection is the best way to ensure your child has healthy eyes and appropriate development of vision - now and in the future.

InfantSee is a public health program managed by Optometry's Charity - the AOA Foundation, where AOA optometrists provide a comprehensive eye and vision assessment for infants within the first year of life as a no cost public health service.

Listed below is a list of optometrists who provide these no cost assessments. When you call any of them to schedule your appointment, please identify it as an InfantSEE appointment. For more information on the InfantSEE program, please visit